Online delivery start-up

Grocery Butlers aims to make travel less stressful

Posted: Friday, November 25, 2016 4:27 pm

Theres a certain hysteria that comes with shopping in an unfamiliar grocery store; aisles arent memorized, items cant be found, and navigation becomes a series of switchbacks and roundabouts.

Jason DeSalvo is looking to solve such headaches with the recent opening of his Grocery Butlers service. Launching the online grocery and liquor service earlier this month, DeSalvo will be helping Telluride travelers with their comestible needs.

The way it works is guests planning their trip to Telluride can go to our website and do all of their grocery shopping in advance for their arrival, DeSalvo said. ȡWe will do all of the shopping and pre-stock their kitchen on their day of arrival.

DeSalvo, who has been in the service industry for over 20 years, was struck with the idea to start the business after a trip to City Market in Montrose last spring, where he witnessed a family of eight struggle with a load of groceries while waiting for the shuttle service to Telluride.

You can tell that they were frustrated trying to figure out how to load all of the groceries they had just purchased into the van with all of the children. ?I overheard mom say to the kids to get in and Ill?pack the groceries around you in the van, DeSalvo said.

I can only imagine that this family had been flying all day to arrive in Montrose, try to navigate the unfamiliar grocery and liquor stores?with kids in tow, and then?take an hour and a half long?shuttle ride?to Telluride. ?I could tell that the kids were tired and fussy. At that moment, I thought Wow, this family would benefit from a service like Grocery Butlers. ?Thats when the planning of my new business started.

With the slogan Dont stand in a grocery line???enjoy your vacation time, DeSalvo said he has already received feedback from area hotels and hospitality services.

I have gotten a lot of positive reaction about the new business, he said. Hotels and property management companies are very excited to let their guests know of the new service that is available to them.

DeSalvo said in his experience, theres also an opportunity to coordinate with other travel-related services.

The last business I managed was a taxi service in Breckenridge, Colorado, he said. I also saw the frustrations there of unfamiliar grocery store navigation, except they were paying a taxi driver to wait for them to do all of their shopping.

With ski season just around the corner, DeSalvo believes the business could become a hit in the region.

I think once word gets out of this fantastic service being offered, it will catch on quickly, he said.

The business will serve all of San Miguel, Montrose, Gunnison and Ouray Counties. For more information and how to sign-up for the service, visit